The Spanish BLF Strike! Olè!

I received a communique through diplomatic channels from our Spanish operatives. The improved the message of the official radio station of the Catholic Church. Well done, sir!

Photo and communique follows


Hi mates,
The COPE is the Catholic Church Official Radio Station. As we have a progressive government, they try to remark their freedom of speech with billboards which say ‘SOMOS LIBRES’ (english ‘WE ARE FREE’). These billboards are specially offensive for those that are being attacked publicly (thru radio waves) for deffending Muslims’ rights or methods of birth control such as condoms. So some members of the recently founded Iniciativa Illuminati decided to liberate this particular bill (Industry Street, Avilés, Asturias, Spain) by simply drawing, cutting out, sticking and varnish grey cards (letters) to it. We added ‘vosotros no’ (english ‘you aren’t’). So now you can read:

you aren’t COPE

My name is M. DeRosi, Illuminati Initiative spokesman

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