Difibulator? Can I get fries with that?

A sleeper cell in London, Ontario, Canada has sent this improvement to us. Deftly pointing out the horrors of American fast food, this from the country that created poutine.


There press release as follows:

Last night at approximately 1:30 AM, a collective of
London activists executed a brilliant billboard
liberation at the intersection of Adelaide and Lorne,
only three blocks away from the London Police
Headquarters. They undertook a wheatpasting operation
to bring more truth to their client, ‘Wendy’s ‘Stack
Attack’ advertisement. The word ‘stack’ was changed to
‘heart’ in order to point out the serious fact that
fast food causes a massive amount of serious health
problems in our society. An immediate and dramatic
police response followed the action and within a
minute several cruisers converged on the site of the
public mind-space reclamation. Fortunately the action
was thoroughly planned out and the activists all
disappeared into the darkness of the night within
seconds. The ad-bust stayed up during both rush hours
today, January 23, 2008, and was not replaced until
later on in the evening.

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