client: Banana Republic
improvement: The Sappho Collection
date: July 13, 2003

creative director: Ari | marketing coordinator: Jack Napier | production: Milton Rand Kalman, Fred Demara, Missy, Duncan D'Nuts, Rico T. Spoons, Aurora Celo, Lewis Cypher

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photos: Aurora Celo


“Sweet mother, I can’t weave my web overcome with longing for a boy because of slender Aphrodite”

The Billboard Liberation Front and Banana Republic are proud to unveil and present The Sappho Collection.

Today’s women of taste and distinction know that a deep, deep acceptance of the feminine touch is what it takes for truly savoring life’s most intimate and personal of experiences. Our Phallocentric culture has lost track of this most basic of truths. Since before the days of the ancients, the feminine touch has been the undisputed inspiration for fashion both practical and decorative. Women don’t need men and it’s only a matter of time before medical science thrusts this fact into common knowledge. Judging by the latest from Lagerfeld, Givenchy, and La Croix, women don’t need men to dress them either, hence Banana Republics The Sappho Collection.

“That country girl has witched your wishes, all dressed up in her country clothes and she hasn’t the sense to hitch her rags above her ankles”

If you’ve ever had that problem, you don’t need to travel to the Isle of Lesbos for a solution. Just take a tip from the new Banana Republic Spokes woman, Sappho and experience The Sappho Collection

You can see the BLF’s latest billboard presentation of Banana Republics The Sappho Collection at the intersection of Highway 101 and Caesar Chavez St. in San Francisco. Driving north on 101 you’ll see the massive freeway billboard on your right just north of Caesar Chavez.

-Jack Napier