client: Johnny Walker
improvement: Drink Yourself Blind
date: July 5, 2005

creative director/marketing coordinator: Milton Rand Kalman | production: Totoro, Ma'am, Eric Weiss, Mademoiselle Rouxben, Anoi

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photos: Missy Central and Anoi



10:30pm July 5th, 2005

Location: Billboard corner of 15th and Mission St S.F.

The Billboard Liberation Front and Diageo Inc. Speak Out For Alcoholics and the Visually Impaired

"The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom."
- William Blake

While the politically correct increasingly push an extremist "resposible drinking" agenda upon the public, the Billboard Liberation Front joined forces with Diageo Inc. (importers of Johnnie Walker whiskies) to defend our God-given right to consume enough alcohol to cause permanent neurological damage. Alcohol abuse is a cornerstone of American culture, is crucial for the health of the alcoholic beverage industry, and gives ordinary citizens important insight into the lives of those with crippling disabilities, like blindness and poor balance.

"Boozing oneself into oblivion is a beloved tradition that goes to the very heart of who we are as Americans," said BLF founder Jack Napier. "After all, we're not talking about pot, here."

Visit the BLF's improvements at 14th St @ Mission.