client: Harrahs Entertainment, Inc.
improvement: Don't Worry, Be Happy
date: January 10, 1990

creative director: Walid Rasheed | production: Jack Napier, Harry Tuddle, Mabel Longhetti, Lance, Ethyl Ketone, Harry Lime

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Happy new year, America. From the BLF Holiday Preparedness Bureau

We hope that as the 1980's come to an end, America won't forget the bounty of the Reagan Bush years. What about aids crack and the homeless? Ok, so there were some minor problems, but we say, follow the governments fine example. And remember, if you are black, gay or poor, it's your own fault!

We call for a return to the good old days when uncontrolled disease, ugly poverty, and rampant substance abuse were safely restricted to the third world. We can not abide the thought of fatal epidemics, starving families in the streets, and armed gangs of drug crazed youth deterring the American people from continuing the lifestyles promoted by the Reagan and Bush administrations. America wake up. Don't worry. Continue to borrow lots of money Be Happy. Continue to buy lots of useless (but necessary) stuff. And remember, you deserve it! DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY. If drugs, disease and poverty engulf our cities you can always move to the suburbs, after all it's a free country.

See you at the shopping malls.
Harry Tuttle
Director, Holiday Preparedness Bureau