client: Courvoisier
improvement: Clitoris—Learn It
date: May 30, 2005

consultant group: Women's Liberation Front | production: Lady Brazen, Mizz Emma Bonny Peel

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photos: Lady Brazen



10:30pm July 5th, 2005

Location: Pennsylvania St and Mariposa St, SF

The Women’s Liberation Front Joins Courvoisier in Fight for Sex Education.

Sex sells. Advertisers have long used the female image to appeal to consumers’ deeper desires and convince the masses to BUY BUY BUY! Drink the right beer, and you’ll attract bombshell blond twins! Drive the right car, and you’ll be driving them home. While other marketers beat around the bush, Courvoisier has the courage to come right out and show you what you’re really after. Here’s to Truth in Advertising!

As the weaker sex, we have delicate dispositions. Drinking just one can of mountain-spring-watered-down beer can lead us to lust after balding, beer-gutted men with football fantasies and a penchant for plaid. And as advertisers and the current administration have demonstrated, women cannot be trusted to behave rationally when given free access to alcohol, let alone family planning and health care based on science – not ideology. At least the right to promise alcohol fueled carnal knowledge is still very much protected!

Given the magnitude of federal spending on abstinence-only ideology driven education, we would like to thank the makers of Courvoisier for offering all people of all ages access to information that will enable them to make life-enhancing decisions about their sexuality.

Because as any supporter of Family Values understands, and every TRUE gentleman knows: SHE COMES FIRST.

Today the WLF and Courvoisier took an important stand on Sex Education. Visit the WLF’s improvements in San Francisco at Pennsylvania and Mariposa, directly across from Center Hardware.

The Billboard Surgeon’s Warning: Uninformed or irresponsible sexual behavior poses risks.