client: Levi's
improvement: Charlie Manson
date: September 1, 1997

creative director/marketing coodinator: Jack Napier | production: Angel, Mersey D. Otes, L.L. Fontelroy

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The BLF celebrates and applauds Levi's cutting-edge use of the medium and its bold decision to reintroduce a corporate spokesman who truly needs no introduction: Charles Miller Manson. This historic collaboration between two of most potent iconic forces of the 1960's taps into a frothy zeitgeist of manipulative nostalgia. Levi's and Charlie, those two great success stories of pop mesmerism, the Yin and Yang of our Cultural Revolution, appear to us reborn as the Dank and Dope of the 90's. We went to the bottom, and we climbed back to the top of the slide. Charlie was the sixties. And now, thanks to Levi's, he is the 90's. His timeless appeal, drawing on our deepest, rawest and most genuine emotions, is just the ticket for selling a pair of pants. And Levi knows it better than anyone.