client: Merril Lynch, Worldcom, Andersen, Enron, Martha Stewart
improvement: Audited
date: July 31, 2002

creative director: Milton Rand Kalman marketing coordinator: Jack Napier | production: English Major, Fred Demara, Missy, Duncan D'Nuts, Sandwich, Hollywood, Rico T. Spoons, Totoro

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photos by Jack Napier


Business Intelligence? No more than ever. In a market which is given to increased pressure by external forces, we commend those businesses who refuse to be led astray by voices outside their own. Far too often, companies have bowed down to the whims of shareholders and "General Accepted Accounting Practices", and we applaud those few corporations who refuse to succumb to this extortion. Consider Enron - with their auditor Arthur Andersen, which forged new frontiers in accounting, eschewing stodgy old means of accounting for brave new methods.