Call for Liberation of Tacoma


Clear Channel, the BLF patron saint, has taken a bold stand on free speech in Tacoma Washington with their CONSTITUTIONS MATTER {sic} campaign, we here at the BLF was not aware we had more than one. We applaud CC taking a moment to not look at the bottom line and think of the little people, their clients. The City of Tacoma gave Clear Channel a mere ten years to take down billboard considered too big or too ugly, why didn’t they just stand in front of the CC headquarters and demand, “you kids get off my lawn!” A billboard too ugly, surly you jest.

Well the patriots at Clear Channel aren’t going to stand for such blant attempts the squelch their clients God Given Right(R) to promote the latest soaps and beers and in the great spirit of Thomas Paine used their billboards to demand great freedoms for the huddled masses of corporations who have but no other voice to sing the triumphs of packaged muffins. When asked about the campaign, Tacoma City Councilperson responded, “Clear Channel cares about the constitution? Who the fuck do they think they are, ATT?

The BLF thanks NW sleeper cell operatives JL Staves and RR Anderson for this vital intelligence.

We also suggest a minor copy change, the first words changed to BLIGHTS would be apros. Good luck kids.

One Response to “Call for Liberation of Tacoma”

  1. RR Anderson says:

    I feel that the CC campaign is really “On Message” with this issue. What is more I am confident about Lisa Dollinger’s prolific toilet habits… especially in relation to her views about the people of Tacoma. Bravo!