Transparent Billboards

Kasia Kesicka, at the Academy of Fine and Applied Arts in Poznan, creates a commentary on public space in various cities in Poland for her MFA final project in Photography. The result, mirroring the transparent laptop trick, is stunning and poignant {flash}

9 Responses to “Transparent Billboards”

  1. glitchpop says:

    Brilliant! I love it. I would like to see this where I live too.

  2. sum1 says:

    if you love that you probably will also like billboards on billboards.

  3. […] Via The Billboard Liberation Front. […]

  4. Kasia says:

    Well, I wish this project could spread up all over the world… I’ll be working on other localizations in Poland and maybe some places in Europe, if somebody is interesting in helping me setting up some in US – I’ll be more than happy to do it.
    I don’t really know how outdoor advertising companies here work, though (in Poland I basicly rented space on billboards).

  5. sum1 says:

    i just noticed that the same method is also used in france.

  6. tano says:


    I’ve been doing something similar to this for a while, but on street signs. I actually plan on doing some more soon. Here is a link to that project:

    and as to the french project, I think sum1 might be talking about blooz, who does stuff on billboards, mostly in black and white I think.

    But if you want help setting something up in Chicago, maybe we can collaborate on a project. My contact info is on my website if you want to discuss it more.

  7. Susan says:

    Nice picture. I love it =)

  8. benhamin says:

    Transparent Billboards

    So I’m checking out, and follow a link to the Billboard Liberation Front and found this inspiring photography project by Kasia Kesicka. It mimics the flickr pool on transparent screens but is nonetheless inspired.
    Make sure you expl…