The Lord of War

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We didn’t do this, but we salute Citizens for the Betterment of Billboards’ Bored of War project who did and will always post any submissions to our site. The CBB criminals artists have bettered a billboard early this morning right above my favorite bar, Zeitgeist at Duboce and Valencia. Sign of the times indeed.

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Note the pointillism picture of Dear Leader is made of bunch of a-holes photos, I do hope there is a couple goatse shots in there. I wonder if someone should contact Chuck Close‘s lawyer? Tipping the black hat to Carrie Fuener for snapping shots of this magnificant piece of work. click on photos for larger versions.

17 Responses to “The Lord of War”

  1. He never looked so beautiful.

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  3. dietician says:

    Is this referring to the same war that John Kerry supported and voted for? Just wondering.

  4. Maybe, not my billboard. The BLF as a rule don’t do ‘political’ boards much. We liberate advertising for sake of advertising, and our members subscribe to a range of ideologies. We don’t love war, we love billboards.

  5. Isn’t freedom of speech nice. Too bad it aint free, it comes with a price that only a select few have the balls to pay for. Everyone else will be couch polititians and continue to blame, blame and blame. I am proud that I am an American and proud that we are fighting the war on terror. Proud to have served this great nation and damn proud we have a president that will actually do something about terrorism. John Kerry supported this as well. It is interesting.

  6. See, this is why we don’t do political ads.

    Dave, appreciate the opinion, however this was not done by us. We don’t endorse or denounce the message just methods and techniques. It’s an impressive improvement even if you don’t agree with the concept.

    I’m glad you think ‘it is interesting’, we did too, that’s why we added it.

  7. Pan says:

    “…damn proud we have a president that will actually do something about terrorism. John Kerry supported this as well.”

    So you’d be proud of John Kerry then too.

  8. Kas Ridiman says:

    My daughters and I applaud the people who did this magnificient alteration!

  9. KLM says:

    Hells yes, this is the ____ I’m talkin about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. MC-Rice says:

    I like it. Simple, yet so deep. It speaks to me. It says “Yes, I am an
    a-hole but I don’t just poop”

  11. J Adams says:

    Of Course John Kerry suported it. EVERYONE in congress supported. Most would when we were told that Iraq had WMD’s. It’s not necessarily the war that is so upsettin, it’s the lying at the expense of American lives, Iraqi lives and our reputation and goodwill. Think about it, we were duped. That should upset everyone.

  12. plj says:

    Even though I do not agree with altering another person’s property, I do agree with the sentiment.
    I wish their was transparency in our government and that the nightly news actually covers what is happening in our world.

    I also wish that people would understand that there are 2 wars that the US is fighting. One is in Afganistan, where Osama Bin Laden most likely lived when most likely helping to plot 9/11. The other is in Iraq…and Sadam Hussein had NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11!!!! Sadam Hussein has killed and continued to kill thousands of Iraqi people. The U.S. also helped place him in power (go to the history channel website to read more). And while Saddam Hussein has broken internationsl law and needed to be removed from power, this removal needed to be done through international lawful channels. The United States IS BREAKING INTERNATIONAL LAW IN IRAQ AND CUBA.
    We need to support a peaceful world government. The US is fueling terrorism by breaking laws itself.

    PS. War is not glorious or something to take pride in. Helping others and working to make this country and this world a better place for all to live is good.

  13. While I can’t speak for the folks who did this billboard. The BLF doesn’t permanently damage the boards themselves. We don’t like ruining the day of the workers who have to go up and restore the ads.

  14. december says:

    Damaging property point:

    These billboards destroy property that is for the public good. I find more justification ruining a huge billboard than destroying green grass and lucious farm land to put up a giant ad.

    All the wasted supplies to advertise for a mind-numbing movie. Might as well make a point.

    Good job. Congrats. Inspiring.

  15. Jason says:

    How someone can equate “the price of freedom of speech” to “Invading Iraq and killing tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens” is beyond me, takes special math I guess. This isn’t World War 2, there is nothing noble about our actions in Iraq.

  16. […] Liberation Front By: Tito on April 17th, 2006 interact: permalink trackback file under: Politics (technorati) Art (technorati) Money (technorati) I see the BillboardLiberation Front has a blog. Set your feedreaders now. Digging through their archives, they have the “Lord of War” improvement done near Zeitgeist last year. Turns out BLF didn’t do it … we can thank Citizens for the Betterment of Billboards* for that one, but they do point out the previously unnoticed a-hole pointilism. Sublime. […]