Welcome to the Billboard

Sorry had to reinstall WordPress, a couple more installs and I should have the hang of this.

So I’ve converted the BLF site to a WordPress blog, this way our minions and followers don’t have to keep rechecking to see if we’ve done something new, improvements will appear here and in the RSS feed. Jack Napier and I are looking forward to writing regularly about culture jamming, ‘improvements’ and featuring art that has been submitted to us.

Also I want to mention our upcoming apperance at the Red Vic Movie House on September 23rd and 24th. Jack Napier and I will host a Q&A on Friday and Jack alone on Saturday, after the showing of our co-conspirator Ron English‘s documentary Popaganda.

I will also be making an apperance at Webzine2005, sitting in on the “Culture Jamming in the Post-9/11 Mindset” panel. Hope to see you there.

7 Responses to “Welcome to the Billboard”

  1. […] Check it out, the legendary Billboard Liberation Front is now running WordPress. Yes it’s true, even the old kings of culture jamming are now blogging. […]

  2. Would it be alright if BLF members show up to the Popaganda and Webzine Q&As in their civilian identities and ask the stupidest questions possible? It’ll be sort of like “stump the band”.

    By the way, congratulations on getting our site adding its wee-wee to the collective cultural downpour of blogorrhea. I’m holding my virtual cup out the window of our zeitgeist, and look forward to drinking up. Yum!


  3. sfslim says:

    Shrink up, Diners!

    Grats on Ye Bloggy Woggy, BLFers. Immanentize the Advertismachaton!

    – Slim

    ps. This quarter’s delivery of funds from The Patron Who Shall Not Be Named will be waiting, as usual, in the southeastern drop. Come alone and wear taupe. The passphrase is “Look upon my works ye monkies, and delouse.”

  4. I patiently await the delivery of the tens of dollars of support money

  5. avidd says:

    I’m waiting with baited breath, whatever that means.